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Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.

Pablo Picasso
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Wisdom begins in wonder

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I am not a teacher, but an awakener.

Robert Foster

Media Performance Think-Tank

Is a creative tank which supports the development of performing arts in research, in teaching and in theater-making.

  • Creative Arts Psychotherapist

    Creative Arts Psychotherapist

    Media Performance Think-Tank

    A keen sensitivity towards human potential and human suffering forms the core for my work as creative arts psychotherapist with emphasis on dance movement therapy and drama therapy. Creative arts psychotherapy uses arts as medium which enables the emotional, physical and social integration and development of the individual.

  • Theater Director

    Theater Director

    Media Performance Think-Tank

    As choreographer and theater-maker, I am investigating choreographic practices in relation to critical thinking and non-representational modes of thinking in creating, performing and appreciating performing arts.

  • Performing Arts Teacher

    Performing Arts Teacher

    Media Performance Think-Tank

    As a performing arts teacher, I am practicing the ideas of interactive teaching, interdisciplinary content strategies, critical thinking, tolerating ambiguity, nourishment creativity and research-based learning. Lessons are designed by integrating somatic modalities. Teaching includes theory and praxis; In the field of the practical subjects: contemporary dance technique, ballet, choreography, improvisation, Laban movement analysis, Bartenieff fundamentals, Body Mind Cantering, ideokinesis and movement for actors. In the field of theoretical subjects: dance and technology, dance history, performance studies and research methodologies.

  • Researcher



    My research work includes topics of interdisciplinary academic practice, such performance studies, visual arts, philosophy, psychology, communication and global studies. Currently I am writing a research proposal in applied theatre and another one in mindfulness based therapy.


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